PerkinElmer: Accelerating Scientific Discoveries through Innovation

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PerkinElmer: Accelerating Scientific Discoveries through Innovation

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Robert Friel, Chairman, President & CEO, PerkinElmerRobert Friel, Chairman, President & CEO
Science and healthcare have always been accelerating toward innovation and discovery, and the evolution of scientific technology is a necessity and a global endeavor. For its part, PerkinElmer, an American global corporation, provides advanced services to ensure optimal operations and a safer, healthier world. “The core capabilities of the company is detection, imaging, and also some software and informatics,” states Robert Friel, chairman, president, and CEO of PerkinElmer.

Every year, pharmaceutical companies spend more than $100 billion on research and development. For a drug to go from discovery to market is a time-consuming process, with a good chance of the drug, never making it to the market. PerkinElmer has been influential in the development of 22 novel therapeutic drugs. The services offered by the company improve the efficiency of the scientists by 25 percent, providing more time for research. The researchers can retrieve, aggregate, and visualize information from various sources that locate data relevant to scientific data points and samples instantly. A major research breakthrough that saves time, money, and is crucial in uncovering new immunotherapy treatments for cancer was done by developing a new microscopy technique for blood cells. By combining PerkinElmers’ Opera Phenix High Content Screening system with single-cell image analysis and proprietary analytical algorithms, they introduced “Pharmascope,” the patent-pending technique. The Opera Phenix system bestows with the ability to capture high-content images of a single cell in high speed with the help of Synchrony Optics technology that allows clients to analyze cells in detail.

PerkinElmer provides a wide array of services in multiple verticals to help customers in early diagnosis, effective treatments, and scientific breakthroughs.
Pairing with experience, PerkinElmer Genomics provides programs to identify clinically symbolic genomic changes, with high-quality, quick, and budget-friendly results to ease the decision-making process for the patients. For determining more significant responses and scientific disclosures, the company has launched PerkinElmer OneSource services. These services ensure focused research coupled with running and staffing labs with customized resources in various domains like instrumental, compliance, scientific, information, relocation and training and education services. A proponent of quality assurance and quality control, PerkinElmer offers analytical instrumentation and OneSource service and support to create safe and quality products trusted by pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers.

Starting with raw materials and fine chemicals, PerkinElmer delivers a steady and reliable analysis solution. Additionally, they provide a variety of industry-leading analytics applications that are applied at all stages of R&D and manufacturing. Metabolomics, is a rapidly evolving field, an essential part of systems biology research used in measuring unique chemical fingerprints developed during cellular functions. The QSight 220 Clinical Research System is a perfect solution to measure the diverse chemical nature of biomarkers and the metabolic signatures from a complex biological sample. Another newly emerging field is Proteogenomics; it merges genetic information and transcriptional, proteomic analysis. With the growing need for effective results in the area of precision medicine, PerkinElmer offers personalized medicine based on accurate and sensitive biological measurements. “About 35 percent of our pharmaceutical companies are helping the customers see inside the cells—actual real-time live cells— and understand the mechanism of the drugs,” says Friel.

With over 12,500 employees around the globe, the PerkinElmer team aims to help their customers make a profound impact on the world. PerkinElmer, the innovation specialist, has recently joined Accenture’s partner ecosystem to accelerate drug discovery and improve patient outcome. The company has also launched GenePrism: Actionable Insights, a genetic screening test, in collaboration with Helix. The PerkinElmer team is all set to making development better and easier and continue their hard work toward bringing groundbreaking discoveries to the table.
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