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Top 10 Image Analysis Solution Companies - 2019


In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has been increasingly focusing on the production of larger and more complex image-based data sets. The automated screening microscopy platforms that generate such data have become more advanced and effective, resulting in the ability to produce thousands of high-quality images in a single day. Consequently, pharmaceutical companies are faced with the challenge of leveraging appropriate analysis methods that help extract the optimal amount of biologically-relevant information and insights from these images.

Images of cultured cells consist of a plethora of information. Hence, these images need to be precisely converted into numeric data to gain maximum actionable insights. High content analysis (HCA) has emerged as a crucial means to specifically analyze image data and transform complex morphological parameters extracted from individual cells into a comparatively simplified numerical output. By empowering researchers to rapidly identify cellular phenotypes in addition to being driven by advances in robotics, genomics, and imaging, HCA can hugely benefit the drug discovery process. Besides mainstream drug screening, HCA can also be used for cytotoxicity and apoptosis studies in the pharmaceutical industry, but its success primarily relies on whether the image analysis software delivers the accurate representation of cellular morphological parameters.

Furthermore, image analysis powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is expediting the process of finding tumors and their diameter, volume, and vasculature along with helping determine the flow parameters of blood or other fluids and pinpointing microscopic changes. To help pharmaceutical companies select the best fitting image analysis software that is not only precise but also up-to-date with modern technologies, we have shortlisted some of the most promising image analysis solution providers in the pharma tech landscape.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Image Analysis Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Image Analysis Solution Companies

  • Akoya provides CODEX-based solutions for biomarker analysis and immunofluorescence tissue analysis

  • Cellular Technology Limited is the industry leader in the development, use, and manufacture of standardized tools for cellular immune assays

  • Offers an image analysis system that enables customers to perform low volume, high throughput image analysis of subvisible particles

  • Aiforia


    Aiforia Technologies was founded as a spin-off company from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM) at the University of Helsinki in 2013 by researchers and pioneers in the field of cloud-based microscopy and pathology, and experienced life science entrepreneurs. The Aiforia® Platform brings together image-based AI and high-performance cloud computing, optimized in particular for enormous images in the field of digital pathology. Built on an intuitive user interface, it is the only one on the market where no local hardware or prior computing knowledge is needed to train and apply advanced deep learning models to analytical and diagnostic tasks. The platform has so far been used successfully in the development and application of a comprehensive series of challenging analyses for cancer, neurological disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s disease), liver diseases (e.g. nonalcoholic steatohepatitis — NASH), and for numerous other research purposes. Aiforia represents a major breakthrough in the field of AI-powered image analysis, as it is designed for domain expert use as well as applicable in any medical discipline or research area

  • BioView


    Operating since 2000, BioView is headquartered in Israel and has a fully owned subsidiary in the Unites States, which is responsible for sales and support in America. Products are also an internationally distributed by Abbott Molecular. BioView develops, manufactures and markets innovative automated cell imaging and analysis solutions for use in cytology, cytogenetic, pathology clinical and research laboratories.Founded and managed by experts, BioView leverages its knowledge and extensive expertise in the areas of medical devices combined with clinical and research applications, in creating its breakthrough imaging and analysis solutions. Lead by senior executives with vast accumulated experience in both the development and successful marketing of solutions such as diagnostic equipment with vision applications, BioView remains one step ahead of the game with assay-specific applications ready for use even before the tests reach the market

  • Cellecta


    Cellecta, Inc. was founded in April of 2006 by one of the chief scientists from Clontech Laboratories. The contract research company was borne out of the need for higher-quality, more advanced shRNA and now CRISPR libraries. The company focuses on developing advanced high-throughput (HT) genetic screen technologies and their applications for the discovery and functional characterization of novel therapeutic targets and drugs.Cellecta’s primary aim is to develop advanced high-throughput RNAi and CRISPR technologies and their applications for the discovery and functional characterization of novel therapeutic targets and drugs. The company offers (1) highly customized contract research services using advanced lentiviral technology, including custom focused and genome-wide pooled lentiviral shRNA, CRISPR, CRISPRa/i, and barcode libraries for any set of genes in any lentivector, (2) RNAi and CRISPR genetic screens with pooled lentiviral shRNA and CRISPR sgRNA libraries, (3) reporter cell line development for genetic screens, (4) custom stable CRISPR knockout, CRISPRa/i knock-in/knockdown, and shRNA knockdown as well as cDNA expression isogenic cell lines, and (5) biomarker discovery using targeted PCR and NGS. With more than 15 years of experience in high-throughput functional screening, Cellecta's scientists have developed some of the most advanced technologies available in collaboration with opinion leaders

  • Indica Labs

    Indica Labs

    With cutting edge technology, seamless integration between platforms, and an uncompromising focus on ease-of-use, Indica Labs's software is being used to make vital discoveries in pathology and research labs around the world. Indica Labs software solutions provide fast, quantitative evaluation of whole slide tissues using HALO for image analysis and HALO Link to manage images, data, and facilitate collaboration. With unmatched ease-of-use and scalability, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research organizations worldwide are using HALO for high-throughput, whole-slide image quantification in areas such as oncology, immuno-oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, metabolism, respiratory, and toxicological pathology. Its latest product HALO-AI, a neural network classifier, is fully integrated into HALO and HALO Link

  • Leica Microsystems

    Leica Microsystems

    Leica Microsystems is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopes. Ever since the company started as a family business in the nineteenth century, its instruments have been widely recognized for their optical precision and innovative technology. Leica Microsystems has seven major plants and product development sites around the world. The company is represented in over 100 countries, has sales and service organizations in 20 countries, and an international network of distribution partners

  • Microtrac


    As an innovator in the particle characterization business area, Microtrac strives to develop and introduce cutting edge technologies and products designed to provide the best possible solutions to satisfy the needs of customers. Microtrac’s staff commits to the relentless pursuit of perfection and to achieving 100% customer satisfaction globally through its product and service offerings. The company upholds its commitment to provide services and support in a timely manner that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Microtac services provide improvement resources and information on effectiveness to support the best practices of its customers. The company also includes its service and support along with a product purchase

  • OpenEye Scientific Software

    OpenEye Scientific Software

    OpenEye has built a solid reputation as a scientific leader in the field of molecular design based on two decades of delivering useful applications and programming toolkits